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Fiscal Year (FY)
The Fiscal Year calendar runs from 01 October — 30 September.

The organization responsible for administering the research grant or contract. Select one or more of the agencies from the options menu.

Principal Investigator (PI)/ Project Leader
The individual designated by the grantee to direct the project supported by the grant. Searches for projects conducted by a particular individual can either be performed by entering their last name, first name, or both. Use the % wildcard feature when only partial information is known. Click the Enter several PI/Project Leader names link to search for multiple PI´s. A maximum of 100 entries can be made, and each name pair (last name, first name) must be separated by a semi–colon.

This can be used to search for an institution or other entity, including an individual that applies for or receives a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement. The % wildcard feature may be used if only a portion of the name is known. The LOOKUP feature will offer selections that meet the 3–character minimum entry according to the requirements; contained anywhere in an organizations name or specifically at its beginning.

DUNS Number
A unique number assigned to an organization by Dun and Bradstreet Information Services.

Enter the name of a city. The city to which each grant is assigned is based on the business address of the grantee organization or contractor, not the actual location where the research being performed. You may use the % wildcard feature if not all of the spelling is known.

The 50 United States and its 5 Territories are available to be selected individually or by geographical groupings: Central States, Eastern States, Southern States, Western States, U.S. Territories.

The United States and Territories is followed by an alphabetical listing of the world´s countries from which any or all may be selected. The country to which each grant is assigned is based on the business address of the grantee organization or contractor, not the actual location where the research being performed.

Congressional District
For the congressional district selections to display, at least one U.S. State or Territory must be selected from the State Options menu. The congressional district to which each grant is assigned is based on the business address of the grantee organization or contractor, not the actual location where the research being performed.

Text Search
Search for words or phrases in any/all of the following areas: Projects, Publications, News. Choose the Boolean logic to evaluate the text entry: AND, OR, ADVANCED. The operators: AND, OR, NOT, "double quotes", and (parentheses) to control operational precedence are all permitted. A text search in Projects is conducted into the following source content fields: Project Titles, Project Terms, and Project Abstracts. You can limit a text search to one or more of these areas using the check box feature. For example, check the Project Title box to limit the text search to project titles only. The following reserved words should not be used as keywords for term search: OF, TO, A, IN, AND, S, THE, FOR, THAT, IS, IT, ON, AT, AS, WITH, BY, FROM, MR, MZ, MRS, MR, ITS, BE, HE, SHE, WAS, AN, ARE, HAS, BUT, WILL HAVE, OR, ABOUT, THIS, WHICH, THEY, MORE, WOULD, ONE, SAYS, WHO, THAN, HIS, HER, UP, THEIR, INC, BEEN, ALSO, HAD, WERE, CORP, OTHER, SOME, LAST, WE, IF, OUT, CO, NOT, ALL, AFTER, OVER, WHEN, BECAUSE, THERE, CAN, SUCH, COULD, NO, ONLY, SO, MOST, INTO, ANY.

SM Application ID
STAR METRICS® has assigned a unique identifier to every project. This number is a data field available in exported files.

Please Note: The SM Application ID is not the same as the application id used for NIH projects. Using an NIH project application id in the Federal RePORTER system will not find that project.

Project Number
A unique identification number assigned to each project. All submitted projects are assigned a unique Star Metrics® Application ID. All submitted projects except those from the NIH are assigned a unique project number. For single projects enter all or any part of a Project number and use the % wildcard at the beginning or end if only a portion is known.

Select enter multiple project numbers/star metrics application IDs to input up to 500 project numbers or 1000 Star Metrics® application ids simultaneously.

For queries of 100 or more, all project numbers must be in the full project number format and separated by a comma. An example of a NIH project is 5R01GM071872-08. The wildcard (%) characters will be ignored.

Project Start Date
Date the project began. Click the date field to bring up the calendar date selector. Enter a Project Start Date to pull projects that began on or after the date entered.

Project End Date
Date the project ended. Click the date field to bring up the calendar date selector. Enter a Project End Date to pull projects that ended, or are expected to end, on or before that date.

The Search Results Page
Project Tabs

  • The projects selected as a result of your query. Use pagination features to move through them: Records per page drop down menu, Page box entry, First, Previous, Next, Last.
  • Click on a column title to sort your results by that element; click on it again to reverse its current order.
  • Click on the Show/Hide Search Criteria to view the selections you made on the query form.
  • Change the display length using the Records per page menu.
  • Enter a value in the Page box and move directly to that page.

Project Number
A unique identification number assigned to each project.

Project Title
The title given to the research project.

Contact PI/ Project Leader
The individual designated by and accountable to, the grantee to direct the project or activity being supported by the grant. Also referred to as Program or Project Director.

The educational institution or entity, including an individual that applies for or receives a grant.

Fiscal Year (FY)
The project´s fiscal year assignment.

The project´s grantee organization.

FY Total Cost
This value is based on available administrative records collected from each agency. Due to a variety of differences among agencies information systems, including the use of different funding mechanisms and methods of budget reporting, care should be taken in interpreting these dollar figures.

The following are Federal RePORTER dollar figure definitions:

CNRM: Total obligations to date for the project. Total obligations include direct and indirect costs.
Health and Human Services: For grants and contracts, the amount obligated (direct and indirect costs) for each project in a single fiscal year. For intramural projects, estimated project costs with pro-rated portion of administrative overhead.
National Science Foundation: Total Obligations to date for each project.

Similar Projects
This feature will return a listing of up to 100 projects that are similar to the target project in subject matter, descriptions, and terms. The Match score refers to the relative degree of similarity.

From the Project Results page you may click on a project's Number or Title to bring up more information about that specific project.

  • Click on Description, Details, Results or Similar Project to move directly to the section
  • Click on Projects to return to the Project Search Results page
  • Move through individual projects using the Next and Previous arrows
Project Information

This tab opens the specific projects overview information page. Here the following details are available: Project Number, Title, Contact PI/Project Leader, Awardee Organization, Project Abstract, Project Health Relevance, and Project Terms.

This tab provides publications and patents that cited support from the project. Links to the details for both result types are provided when available. Currently, this information is only provided for the following agencies: NIH, AHRQ, CDC, HRSA, FDA, and VA. For publications, the title of the publications, name of the journal, author, and links to related publications in PubMed and Google Scholar are listed. For patents, the patent number and title are listed. Patent information is provided by iEdison (Interagency Edison).

Similar Projects
This tab will provide a listing of up to 100 projects that are similar to the selected project in subject matter, descriptions, and terms. If more than 100 similar projects exist a message to that effect will display. The Match Score of a project refers to its relative degree of similarity.

Data and Visualize
Provides a wide variety of formats to summarize and display query results for cogent presentations. The Charts option provides a user driven graphical and summary table representation of the query search results.

Select a display format:

  • Column
  • Bar
  • Pie

Using the radio buttons, select the x-axis data:

  • Projects
  • Project Funding

Using the Summary by menu, select the y-axis data:

  • Agency
  • Department
  • Fiscal year
  • Organization
  • State
  • Congressional District
  • To display fewer data points, click the Limit to Top menu and choose a more desirable number
  • The project totals in the summary table are hyperlinked to a list of the projects
  • Export capabilities include moving the data to Excel and the graph to PowerPoint

The Topics option provides a user interactive feature for the visualization of terms present in the abstracts and title text of the projects in the search results.

The Topics View requires at least Internet Explorer 9 and works in all modern browsers - Click on a topic cluster to view the corresponding list of project numbers and their titles. Use the hyper-link to view a projects detailed information.

NOTE: The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer are recommended.

Initial display is a heat map of the project search results in the United States along with any foreign projects represented by blue circles.

  • The intensity of the blue coloring in the U.S. map corresponds to the level of funding.
  • Blue circles represent each organization at the location and the size corresponds to level of funding.

Exported Fields
Project Results can be exported to a CSV file which is compatible with Excel. The data elements can be selected as part of a menu interface. There are many project data elements available in a fully exported file than you will not see otherwise.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader:Adobe Acrobat VERSION: 3.14.0 Release Notes
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